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Our Company does not retain a cookie longer than necessary.


We use session cookies and permanent cookies:


A session cookie can track usage such as the webpages you visit and what options you use. When you close the internet browser, the session is ended and the cookie is deleted.
A permanent cookie enables the Website to recognize you at a subsequent visit.
Our Company stores cookies that are essential in providing the functionalities of the Website. If Websitee user wishes to receive any cookies at all, they may set their browser to refuse cookies all together, in which case they may no longer be able to use all the functionalities of the Website.


Non-strictly necessary cookies


Only in case where Website user provides appropriate consent, the Company places cookies that are not strictly necessary for providing the functionalities of the Website. Through such non-strictly necessary cookies the Company collects information about use of the Website and remembers preferences. Examples of collected information are which pages are visited and the length of a user session.

If a user does not provide consent to cookies being placed, these cookies must be blocked.


  •  Prijevoz i isporuka plina na adresu kupca
  •  Punjenje i dostavu plinskih boca
  •  Davanje plinskih spremnika pod najam
  •  Prodaja i distribucija plina
  •  Nabavljanje tehničkih plinova ( po narudžbi)
  •  Plinska oprema za benzinske pumpe
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